Our story

Paia Bowls is a new healthy acai bowl cafe owned and operated by two brothers / local Maui surfers, Ian and Luke Walsh. Ian and Luke grew up just a few miles down the road from Paia in the small town of Kuau. Here they were raised by parents Peter and Kitty Walsh, alongside their younger twin brothers, Shaun and DK Walsh. The Walsh Ohana is a recognizable family among the Maui community who embody the spirit of aloha. They can be seen regularly enjoying the beach at Ho'okipa or charging big waves at Maui's most notorious surf break, Pe'ahi (Jaws).  

Growing up on the North Shore of Maui, the Walsh brothers naturally found surfing as their favorite pastime.  With their non-stop active lifestyle, acai bowls quickly became their go-to meal of choice. Whether it was to fuel their bodies before, in-between, or a post surf session, acai bowls always provided them with a healthy and natural energy boost that was not only great tasting and satisfying, but also customizable to their taste buds.

Before opening the doors to Paia Bowls, Ian and Luke chased the dream of the endless wave, which not only meant surfing as a hobby and a lifestyle, but also a career choice. Ian's talents and skills on a surfboard have taken him to the top of the sport where he has become a globally recognized professional surfer who regularly travels the world in search of the biggest and best waves. Meanwhile, Luke found a liking for the business side of the surf industry where he held a sports marketing position with one of the industries top brands, Oakley.  

Although Ian and Luke's passion for surfing excelled well beyond any other option in life, they always dreamed of owning a local acai bowl cafe in their hometown of Paia. They shared this same passion with an old friend and Luke's college roommate, Sam Custin, who resides on the North Shore of Oahu and has a strong background in the food and beverage industry. Collectively they partnered up to open Maui's newest favorite acai bowl cafe that thrives off of Hawaii's active ocean lifestyle. 

While Sam has his roots set on the neighboring island of Oahu, the day-to-day operations of Paia Bowls are ran by Luke, Ian and the Walsh Ohana. It truly is a family run business that operates each and every day with aloha.

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